A soothing yet bright shade, Opaline green is very much the chameleon of the Fermob colour chart. Tropical, herbal, floral and even boreal, it refreshes pastel shades and peps up white hues with a hint of colour. It softens darker shades and brightens more muted tones. It works brilliantly with other shades of green to create stunning hues. A well-composed Opaline green! It has a subtle yet clearly modern feel.

A ray of sunshine, a refreshing summer breeze, the sound of the wind and the shade of the foliage… summer will be Opaline green! This vitaminized, lively shade pairs with Ice mint, Frosted lemon, and Clay grey for an invigorating result.

Mix Opaline green and Acapulco blue and you’ll get a delicious mint lemonade!