A vision of travel and escape

This mixed collection mixed with its bohemian charm makes you want a change of scenery.
As a tribute to craftsmanship, the weaves with their graphic lines are inspired by traditional basketwork and give great effect and an authentic touch to the range. Relief and a subtle interplay of textures, the Evasion collection is an imaginary voyage to the heart of tactile, reassuring materials, the inheritance of distant lands.
The surfaces are richly visual, and the colours bright: a vibrating, warm atmosphere. Shades of pink adorned with copper notes resonate with a white light to give a poetic, graphic range.
A collection cosseted with sunshine and elegance.
This collection where the idea of getting away from it all takes centre stage blurs the limits between indoor and outdoor. Inspired by the world of mobility, travel and encounters, these sparkling creations send us off on authentic poetic journeys.