A sunlounger to laze around by the pool, on the terrace or in the garden – in the shade of a parasol or an olive tree – or even on a balcony in town. The promise of a time to relax and escape from the daily grind, when you can read, chat with family or neighbours, have a nap or just enjoy the sun.

This chaise longue is named, somewhat impertinently, after the heir to the British Crown. It also has a surprising shape: And “surprising” is the name of the collection that inspired it, designed by the same designer, Harald Guggenbichler. He designed this unique sunlounger with a single stroke of his pencil! The result? A totally new kind of wire-work, drawing the product in one piece, for a surprisingly light effect! Simple, elegant and fine. Harry also has the advantage of being a wheeled sunlounger: ultra-light and easy to move around so that you can enjoy it in every nook and cranny of the garden. And you’ll be so comfortable, once you lie down on its fabric and with the backrest properly adjusted, that you’re likely to stay there all day long!