As its name suggests, this is a collection that loves to live outdoors, making it perfect for al fresco dining. Gather family and friends together and share good times no matter the location or the occasion – on the balcony of your city-centre apartment in spring, under an olive tree in your garden at the height of summer, or out on the patio on a starlit evening. This collection is easy in every sense: easy, fuss-free styling, and easy to move thanks to its lightweight tubular frame. And to top it all, it’s incredibly easy to use, because every part of your Plein Air furniture is folding by design. So storing it away couldn’t be easier, even in the tightest of spaces! The Plein Air chairs and armchairs feature seats and backrests in Outdoor Technical Fabric (OTF), a material that’s ultra-comfortable, extremely hard-wearing and so easy to clean you’ll barely believe it. Add in the fact that major designer Pascal Mourgue is behind the collection, and it becomes simply irresistible!