Ribambelle is Fermob’s table in the plural – 1 standard version available with one or two 42 cm extensions and 1 XL version with three 50 cm extensions – designed for spending lots of quality time with family and friends. Ribambelle – a French word meaning “flock” – perfectly encapsulates this collection. It also boasts a modular design that means the table can be adjusted to accommodate up to 14 guests.

It’s modular – but you’d never notice! When closed, absolutely nothing spoils its sleek look! The simple extension system – developed in-house by Fermob – includes a telescopic bearing-based mechanism. What’s more, the extensions are discreetly housed in a storage compartment hidden under the table top, so Ribambelle’s frame and appealing look remain unchanged in every configuration. The table can be extended with ease, making impacts and scratches a thing of the past. And its lightweight aluminium frame can withstand whatever the weather throws at it!